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How to Maintain Asphalt Pavement: Things You Should Know

Asphalt is an excellent material to use to upgrade the look of your driveway. If you’ve got yourself an asphalt driveway, you made one right decision. Asphalt is the same material you see on the main roads. It’s the type of paving that is highly durable, less prone to cracks, and quick to install. It is also more manageable to upkeep. Although it is long-lasting, you still need to do proper maintenance to keep it in its most excellent shape. If you have no idea how to care for your asphalt paving, this article will tell you what you need to know.

The Driveway Assessment and Treatment

Although asphalt paving is durable enough to last from 12 to 20 years generally, environmental factors, frequent usage, and automobile traffic can damage it. Before you begin your repair or replacement, you need to assess first what type of work is needed for it. 
Here are the types of treatment done to an asphalt paving depending on the intensity of the damage present:

  • Minor repairs
  • Preventative services
  • Cosmetic services
  • Resurfacing
  • Complete repaving

Resurfacing or putting a new asphalt coating is usually performed when 30 to 40 percent of your driveway has alligator cracking. This process can add around eight to 15 years to your driveway’s lifespan. If you are not sure which one is best for your driveway, consider discussing the condition with paving experts. It is also better if you consult with pavers who already provide the mentioned services.

Avoiding the Damage

While damages on driveway surfaces are unavoidable, there are ways you can do to lessen the impact or prolong their lifespan. 

  • Seal your driveway – Sealing your driveway in the proper interval can help you protect it from further deterioration over time. Having a top coat on your driveway can help shield it from water, air, and sunlight, which can cause more damage to your asphalt. If your driveway already has cracks, sealing can help prevent them from worsening. 

Asphalt sealing should happen every two to three years or when needed. If you put on coats of protection in shorter periods, it will make your seal coat prone to more cracks and peel, which don’t look appealing either.  

  • Immediate repair – If you see that your driveway develops cracks, have it filled or repaired as soon as possible. When the water reaches these cracks, it can weaken the whole asphalt. When water gets inside, it can also freeze and cause more damage underneath. The greater the damage, the more expensive it gets to fix it. 
  • Clean your driveway – Cleaning your driveway at least twice a year can help you improve its condition. You can use a strong hose spray and a stiff broom to remove all dirt and debris from the surface. Avoid spraying water if your driveway has cracks. Have them fixed first before you do so. 


Living in New Jersey exposes your asphalt paving to cold winters and warm, humid summers. When exposed to these harsh temperatures, your highly durable asphalt paving can be prone to wear and tear. That and other factors contribute to your driveway’s longevity. You still need continuous monitoring and routine maintenance to keep it looking good while still giving you a smooth driveway to travel. 
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