Dan The Paver

Dan The Paver: The Name’s Right In The URL!

Where do you go when you want to get new paving for your driveway or parking lot, or other outdoor area of your property?

You have some choices. You can either call out of the Yellow Pages (which is now online) or go with the biggest firm around – or you can choose a small local business that knows your neighborhood and takes a very deliberate approach to every job, whether big or small. That’s us – at Dan the Paver, we pride ourselves on a higher level of customer service, on recognizing you, the customer, as a name, and not just a number.

Inviting Pavers

Why go with that small local company? Because you’re inviting these contractors into your property. They’re working on the place where your children play, and where you keep your vehicles and other major assets like a jetski or logsplitter. They’re coming right onto your property and working right next to your home or business. So you kind of want to know who’s coming in there and how they will get the job done.

With that in mind, it makes sense to have a local company that cares about what they’re doing and brings a precision approach to the local job. Some of the bigger companies roll in with enormous equipment that causes all kinds of damage to surrounding grass, or prevents regular traffic into and out of your property as they work. We take a granular approach to these jobs to make everything more convenient for our customers.

Pricing and Scheduling Details

There’s nothing worse than calling up your paver for a quote or to clarify some question and getting a robot instead of a human being.

That’s another thing that you get with a small local responsive business like Dan the Paver. You know that you’re dealing with people, because Dan’s name is right up top. We’re not “Paving Conglomerate” or “ABC Industrial Paving Company,” or “ACME Paves R Us” (you get the idea) or some other big unit with 100 trucks and nobody at the telephone.

No, at Dan the Paver, we’re different, as you can see when we come to your place. Get connected with a firm that knows the Monmouth County NJ community and takes care in detailed work. When you’repaving, you want to be able to rely on a result that allows you to park with confidence after a reasonable curing time frame. You want to deal with real people, and you want a fair price. We have you in mind.