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Asphalt paving is an effective solution for improving your driveways, parking lots, and roads. But despite its stable features, they can still be affected by elements you come across every day, which could decrease the lifespan of your asphalt pavement.

If you don’t know how to maintain asphalt, then the chances are that you’ll be calling for paving contractors to fix your situation sooner than you think. Keep reading below to find out some of the common factors that can lead to the deterioration of your asphalt paving and how to solve them accordingly.


While asphalt roads are developed to eliminate the water from areas that usually experience heavy traffic, any leftover water that doesn’t get removed can cause problems. Failing to take care of your paving and letting surface water sit on it for hours can affect the durability of the asphalt.

It can lead to the appearance of cracks, which could further grow and become potholes, eventually causing even more unforeseen road accidents. Fortunately, you can solve your problem by applying sealcoating on the surface to prevent water from causing issues, thus increasing the lifetime of your asphalt pavement.


Your driveway can go through different kinds of natural forces, including rain, snow, and sunlight. The harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun don’t only affect humans—it can affect your pavement too! Similar to how applying sealcoating can prevent cracks and potholes, it can also protect roads from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Applying a protective layer over your asphalt paving can extend its lifespan for up to five years—in addition to providing proper maintenance to make sure the surface is in good condition.


Your driveway paving can be affected by heavy vehicles that pass through it every day. Over time, asphalt can depreciate due to the weight it has to bear. The lifespan of your pavement ends up decreasing, primarily if your driveway or parking lot is always being used.

Whether a vehicle is driving through asphalt pavement at a slow speed or is parked there overnight, it can impact the durability of its surface. If you want to guarantee you have reliable pavement, hiring professional paving installers is necessary. They will make sure to properly install asphalt paving by using a thicker asphalt formula to allow it to withstand heavier loads.


Aside from uncontrollable situations, fuel and oil are also other substances that can cause a significant impact to your asphalt pavement. Even though you apply sealcoating to its surface, they can’t protect the pavement from gasoline spills because they don’t stick to vehicle fluid. If fuel and oil are left on your pavement’s surface for a long time, they begin to damage your asphalt, resulting in a disintegrating surface and pavement depression.

You can solve your problem by having your pavement regularly checked and repaired to avoid the situation from becoming worse. Doing so saves you from having to spend more money on having to replace your pavement completely!


It’s inevitable for your asphalt pavement to experience problems. Still, it’s possible to lessen the damages by going out of your way to take care of your driveway, parking lot, or road. When dealing with asphalt surfaces, remember to secure it from surface water, sunlight, heavy vehicles, and gasoline by applying the necessary protective solutions and calling driveway services for proper maintenance.

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