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Among the different parts of your home that you’ve dedicated more effort to taking care of over the years, a crucial aspect that never wanes in terms of importance and value is your asphalt driveway.

Seeing that it is responsible for giving your vehicles a smooth ground to drive into and park safely in and providing your home with the complete look it deserves, it’s safe to say that these driveways are nothing short of vital. Whether you’ve got a mansion, townhouse, or bungalow, nothing takes care of your road, driveway, and garage-related needs other than freshly-paved asphalt.

If you’ve been more conscious in terms of keeping your home in tip-top shape, then you’re probably well aware of the obligation that you have towards your asphalt driveway. Beyond maintenance, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with all the other factors that will prove vital to your efforts, one of which is the set of factors that can damage your driveway.


Considering that driveways hold the responsibility of making a home beautiful, accessible, and safe, it’s vital that you become more aware of what issues can prevent yours from doing the same things. Unfortunately, many homeowners end up failing to follow through with this responsibility and inadvertently allow damage to their asphalt parts to the point of no return.

Fortunately, for you, making the same mistake of not knowing what can damage your home’s asphalt driveway doesn’t need to be an inevitable experience because a little awareness goes a long way. If you want to protect your home’s driveway in the best way possible, here are the most common problems that can prevent you from doing so that are worth watching out for:


One of the biggest threats to your asphalt driveway’s overall condition that you need to be especially aware of is the different elements brought about by Mother Nature. Anything from water and gusts of wind to the blaring sun and inches of heavy snow, nearly every single natural element your path is exposed to can cause a slow yet problematic teardown. By affecting your paved surface with moisture, heat, pressure, and temperature changes, natural elements can end up penetrating the asphalt and washing away its sand and gravel base!


Beyond the effects of Mother Nature, another critical factor that can act as a catalyst for the overall decline of your asphalt driveway is constant exposure to heavy loads.

Like any other surface that your home has, its driveway is laid out with a scattered network of minute imperfections that are—albeit negligible to the human eye—worsened by a constant force. Although exposure to a force of the weight is something that an asphalt driveway is made to withstand, an application of substantial weight (such as having heavy vehicles or equipment on the paved area) will cause things to break apart faster!


Though it isn’t as common as the other reasons on this list, poor installation is a culprit of damaged asphalt driveways that you shouldn’t take lightly, as the damage it brings can be immense.

With an effect that can be only described as the most devastating of the bunch, poor driveway installation can quicken the time it takes to develop cracks because improperly-set bases are conducive for problems like uneven pressure. Fortunately, you won’t ever need to worry about this problem if you let a certified, well-trained, and experienced professional like Dan The Paver handle your paving needs!


Caring for your asphalt driveway is a must-follow task that will never wane in terms of importance—which means that it’s also vital to know what can cause the opposite of the results you’re looking for. By being more aware of the common problems mentioned above, you’ll ensure that your paved area’s lifespan is maximized as best as possible!

If you want your home’s asphalt pavement to be repaired and treated with seal coating and crack filling treatments to protect it all year round, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today so that we can have our asphalt pavers in Monmouth County, NJ, whip your driveway into perfect shape!