Dan The Paver

Three Big Reasons to Use Dan

When people need top-tier asphalt installations in the local area, they call us. That’s just the reality of it. 

We’re proud of that, because it represents the quality of business that we do, and the success that we’ve had with our business model.

So why should you use Dan the Paver for asphalt (just asphalt) paving and milling?


Our Track Record


With 30 years of activity in the area, we are a trusted company around the surrounding territory.

We know names and faces, and we know the lay of the land. We know how local communities are set up and importantly, we know how to source the materials that we need to provide you with excellent service! That’s all part of the plan, at Dan – the Paver. 




Are you familiar with the “maybe yes, maybe no” phenomenon, and the threat of time delays on a big project?

You call somebody for a job, and it takes all day to figure out if they can do it or not. Or some details never get nailed down for weeks at a time.

We are not about that here. It’s easy to make a deal and get a job done.

In fact, we feel like this is very central to success for this type of business. You don’t have to hit “1” a bunch of times on the phone, or struggle to wade through a maze of email messages to figure out whether or not we’ll be able to accommodate your job. We just tell you!

Time-saving is valuable in today’s society, and we understand that. Our customers appreciate it!




We often say that Dan wants your job to be the envy of all of your neighbors. That gives us an incentive to do your job well, and provide you with a quality result.

People like it when their neighbors stop by and ask where they got something done. Positive word-of-mouth travels that way, too, which is a definite plus, when you sit down and think about it. 

So do you need some quality asphalt work done? Does your driveway or parking lot need a little TLC? If so, it’s okay. We can help you handle it. 

It’s not uncommon for people to leave these projects for a long time, as the quality of their asphalt degrades.

But if you call us you can get things done conveniently and have a lot more confidence in your property!