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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Get Asphalt Paving Done

Asphalt paving is among the best methods for pavement repairs and upgrades for your home or business. It is cost-effective and doesn’t take long to complete, which is why many prefer it for their pavement. If you’re still thinking about when to get it done, let Dan the Paver tell you why the best time to do this project is during summer.

Why Summer Is the Best Season to Get Asphalt Paving

There are several reasons summer is a busy season for asphalt pavers. For one, asphalt works best when applied in warmer seasons as the process is completed faster. Aside from that, it’s so much easier to work when the weather is good, of course.

Here are some benefits of asphalt paving in the hot season:

The Material Is More Stable

The air temperature is typically warmer in the summer, which is ideal as it helps the asphalt keep a stable temperature and a pliable consistency. On the contrary, lower temperatures shorten the installation time and negatively affect the material’s stability. The hot asphalt mixture should stay above 70° Fahrenheit so that you can be sure that the surface is compact.

The Application Is More Efficient

For repaving, contractors generally use equipment and machines to smoothen out the asphalt mixture. However, there are areas where it’s impossible to use machines and need to be raked manually. Contractors prefer to do it in the summer because daylight hours are longer, and they have more time to pave the asphalt and finish the project sooner.

Because they can finish the job faster, paving contractors can also book multiple jobs in a day. When they get a high volume of work, you, as a customer, can also get your asphalt pavement done at a much better price. But this price can go high as soon as summer is over, as contractors need to ensure regular income even during slower seasons.

The Sealant Dries Faster

Once the asphalt is laid, a latex sealant is applied on top. No one should step on this until it dries and the sealant is fully absorbed into the asphalt. This sealant takes a while to dry, and, depending on the sealant used, the length of time it takes to completely dry could vary. That said, hot asphalt is better at absorbing the sealant, meaning that it will dry faster while ensuring that the asphalt and the sealant bond properly.

There’s No Rain or Snow to Worry About

Summer not only offers the heat that is needed to harden the asphalt mixture but also ensures that the pavement won’t be ruined by rain or snow. Weather elements like these can cool the asphalt and make it difficult to achieve the best bond. For this reason, many contractors plan the application based on weather forecasts to reduce the possibility of inclement weather affecting the setting of the asphalt mixture.


Indeed, summer is the best time for asphalt driveway paving, so if you need to get your pavement done, make sure to schedule it early during this season. This way, you can get the best price possible from the most reliable contractors. The most reputable contractors can also get booked fast, and you want to be sure that you’ll get an appointment from a team you can rely on and not some fly-by-night contractor.

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