Dan The Paver

More Things To Know About Dan The Paver

At Dan The Paver, we are experienced in asphalt paving and residential and commercial exterior service in the Monmouth County, NJ area. Beyond that, we are dedicated to quality and creating the best results for customers. What does that look like? Well, it starts with a commitment to local connections. It expands based on the job skills that the company puts together as it also builds a reputation. Or you can get a company that’s poorly run and doesn’t build these kinds of quality in…don’t hire those guys. 

Why should you choose Dan The Paver for your paving project?

Here are a few things that you learn by browsing the website that show the value of choosing us as a local contractor for asphalt paving and related services.


A Second Generation Business


One thing to know is that Dan The Paver has been in business for a while. Over two generations, we’ve learned what works and what makes the most sense for a given paving project. That experience also extends to how to maintain a client list, and be responsive to the needs and costs that apply. Part of what we’ve built in this corner of the world, where locals rely on us for service with integrity, is the skill to make jobs come out right. 


We Do Driveways


We are mostly in the business of asphalt paving. That means we understand how weather and temperature and other elements apply to these projects. It means we have the equipment to create the smooth, even results customers need.

All of this is demonstrated in our project gallery on the site, where you can get a visual feel for what we bring to the table.


An Excellent Network


If it just so happens that we can’t do the service that you need done, we have a Rolodex full of other contractors who may be able to help. Call us and let’s talk about what your property needs, because being part of the community also means maintaining that network to know how to approach a given project from a local perspective.


Commitment to Quality


Quite simply, we’re about getting the job done right the first time. It might seem basic, or trite to say, but if you’ve ever had a poor quality paving job done, you know how important it is.

You don’t have to call out of the Yellow Pages and keep your fingers crossed. Dan The Paver has a reputation in the community as an effective asphalt paving contractor. In a way, that’s all you really need to know!