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Information About Commercial Asphalt Driveways

One of the most important aspects of any commercial property is the parking lot. Asphalt Driveways is the area that greets visitors, customers, and clients. It is the first impression that a visitor gets of your business. If your parking lot does not look good, it will affect your business. If you need to improve your parking lot, then consider installing an asphalt driveway.

Three Problems To Look For With Asphalt

What is Commercial Asphalt?

Most people are familiar with asphalt. But, do you know what commercial asphalt is? Commercial asphalt is a special type of asphalt that is used to make pavement. It has the same properties as asphalt, but it is a bit thicker and more durable. Some people believe that asphalt is a type of roofing material, but this is incorrect. It is actually a mixture of sand, gravel, and cement that is used to make concrete. Many people who own commercial buildings are using commercial asphalt to improve the appearance and condition of their parking lots. This is a smart choice because they get the benefits of using an asphalt driveway, while avoiding the problems that come with a concrete driveway.

Benefits of Commercial Asphalt

Asphalt drives have several advantages. First of all, they don’t require too much maintenance. Since they are made of asphalt, they will last a very long time. Unlike concrete, asphalt doesn’t stain and it doesn’t crack. Also, it is less expensive than concrete and it is easier to clean. People who use asphalt driveways don’t need to worry about the chemicals in concrete, and they don’t need to worry about concrete trucks damaging the roads. In addition, driveway paving look great. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your commercial building, you should consider using asphalt to build your driveway.

Types of Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is a black colored material. It is mixed with sand and stone. Sand is added in order to help the asphalt stay compacted. Stone is added to help give the driveway a sturdier structure. Asphalt has been around since the 17th century. There were many problems with this type of pavement back then. In order to make asphalt usable, it needed to be heated up. Concrete wasn’t used until much later. If the asphalt was too cold, it would crack. When the asphalt was heated, it would expand, which caused the cracks to form. In addition, concrete would stain your vehicle’s paint. Asphalt is still being used today because it lasts a very long time.

The Pros and Cons of Commercial Asphalt Driveways

The first thing that you need to consider when thinking about whether to use asphalt for your driveway is what kind of traffic you expect to receive. If you are opening a new restaurant, the traffic you will receive might be light. However, if you are planning on hosting a trade show, the traffic you will receive will be heavy. You also need to think about the amount of foot traffic you will be getting. If you will be receiving a lot of customers, it will be easier to manage. You may also want to consider what you will be using your driveway for. You will need to figure out how much time it will take to get to and from the business.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Driveway

It’s important to be careful when choosing the right type of driveway for your business. You need to consider many different factors before making a decision. First, you should look at the amount of traffic you will receive. If you are opening a restaurant, you probably won’t receive a lot of traffic. However, if you will be hosting a large trade show, you might get a lot of visitors. Next, you should consider how long it will take to get to and from your business. This is important if you are opening a restaurant. If you are opening a coffee shop, you might not need to worry about this. You may want to decide whether you want an asphalt or concrete driveway.

How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Driveway

You must hire the right contractor for the job. The asphalt company that you choose for your driveway can make all the difference. You can choose between concrete and asphalt driveways. If you choose concrete, you should choose a type that has a smooth finish. If you choose asphalt, you will need to choose a quality product. You can choose from different colors for the material. You will also need to choose a color that matches the rest of the house.

If you choose concrete, you will need to clean it before pouring. If you choose asphalt, you will only need to spread a thick layer over the existing driveway. This layer will have to be compacted after you pour it.


In conclusion, it’s important to have a strong foundation before pouring concrete. This foundation should include adequate drainage, proper soil preparation, and proper grading. The best way to achieve this is to hire a professional contractor to perform the work.