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How to Planning an Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Project

While the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is something that most people are taught early on in their lives, it’s something that rarely applies in the modern business landscape. This is especially true when it comes to the exterior of a commercial property. 

Whether it’s a small unit with a few square feet of storefront space or a full-sized manufacturing facility, the appearance of your commercial site indicates your future success because it acts as a first impression. And as industries show time and time again, the importance of imparting a good perception of one’s company is the key to its short and long-term success! 

If you’ve been paying more attention to your property’s exterior, there are likely a few things that you want to work on so that you can keep everything nice, tidy, and appealing. Among the different parts of your commercial property that you can repair, restore, and nurse back to perfect condition, there’s one particular project idea that will surprisingly make the biggest difference: asphalt parking lot planning.

Why does your parking lot matter?

Although you might be thinking of certain parts like your exterior paint, lighting fixtures, or windows when improving the overall appearance of your commercial property, your asphalt parking lot needs to be looked at regularly. 

Sure, you might think that the first thing that potential (and current) clients look at when arriving on your property is your space’s facade (yes, this is true), but the first thing they experience is the lot they park their car in. Once they park in your available spaces, that’s the moment a potential investor or client begins to analyze your business. In fact, the first few seconds of driving around in your parking space will help them build their insight in terms of: 

  • The level of your attention to detail
  • The profitability of your business
  • The dedication of your company to maintenance (which also indicates your dedication to process improvement, drive for excellence, and compliance)

Everything you need to know to start the asphalt parking lot planning process

Considering that much of your parking lot’s appearance and the feeling or experience it gives depends on the asphalt that’s laid on it, having it in a state of near-total disrepair can be a disaster for profitability and safety. If you want to ensure that you get to plan out your asphalt parking lot project well, then here are the key steps that you need to consider and follow: 

Step #1: Examine the current state of your parking lot’s asphalt pavement

To start your asphalt pavement project, you must first thoroughly inspect your parking lot’s surface to get a good idea of where it’s at and how much damage it has taken over time. Typically, the average lot’s pavement is greatly affected by the following factors:

  • The level of maintenance that your on-site professionals were able to carry out
  • The amount of vehicular or foot traffic your parking lot gets
  • The weight and types of vehicles that are usually on your parking lot

Step #2: Determine the areas of your space that need improvement

Although you’re already convinced that you would want to repair your parking lot by replacing its asphalt pavement, it’s important to determine which areas need the most improvement. This particular step is critical because it will help you establish what needs to be done and which areas of your parking lot can still be used once you carry out your pavement project.

Step #3: Get in touch with an expert to help you

Now that you’re well aware of your parking lot pavement’s current state and know what repairs need to be done, you can get in touch with a repaving expert to help you. Once you contact an asphalt repaving specialist like Dan The Paver, you’ll need to schedule a consultation, leading to a final quote and a project start shortly after!


While keeping your commercial building in the best shape possible is a process that involves paying attention to different factors, the one area you should keep an eye out for is your parking lot. Through the help of a professionally administered asphalt repaving job, you’ll be able to ensure that the one space on your property that your customers and clients deal with helps leave a great impression!

If you want your property’s asphalt pavement to be repaired and treated with seal coating and crack filling treatments to protect it all year round, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today so that we can have our asphalt pavers in Monmouth County, NJ, whip your driveway into perfect shape!