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How to Ensure Your Asphalt Stays Intact This Winter

As the winter approaches in New Jersey, many preparations for health and safety are underway to meet the sleet and snow that will fall in just a matter of weeks. Asphalt pavements are one area that needs extra attention since it can pose a hazard to both vehicles and people! Preparing your driveway paving is a necessary step that you should take this season, along with clearing out your garages and gardens right before winter arrives. 
Here are five ways you can make sure to prepare your driveway or parking lot for this coming winter:

  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance 

Changes in your asphalt will be evident as the temperature drops. Cracks that are filled with frozen water can destroy pavement over time, causing issues during the winter months and beyond. If the asphalt is deteriorating, pouring hot crack filling with the help of paving installers to stop water from seeping into the crevices will prevent the breakage from the water’s freeze and thaw cycle. 

  • Be Ready With Initial Repairs

Asphalt also changes its composition as the weather cools down. As the freeze and thaw cycle begins, asphalt expands and contracts, given the air and ground’s available moisture. This affects its structural integrity and overall performance. 
To maintain it, potholes should be repaired to prevent the pool of water from expanding and making the hole larger. Addressing cracks in the pavement, in the same way, will prevent water from harming the asphalt’s subbase. Finally, add a layer of a seal coat to your pavement to protect it from the harsh temperatures and weather. 

  • Stock Up On Materials For Asphalt Maintenance

Stocking up on a few key items every winter season will allow you to maintain the asphalt in your vicinity easily. Try to invest in the following for this winter:

Shovels And Snow Removal Services

Purchase enough shovels with no overly sharp edges to clear away ice without damaging the pavement. Snow removal services are also especially useful to get rid of excess snow piles. This will prevent water from pooling up on your pavement and causing further damage later on.

Cold-Mix For Pothole Repair

Cold-mix asphalt can be used to repair potholes with the help of paving contractors to prevent structural damage during the winter. 


Getting these products ensures that slippery ice doesn’t form to cause harm or injury on driveways and parking lots. Make sure you get the right de-icers that won’t deteriorate your asphalt and are environmentally friendly as well. 

  • Clean Up The Debris

Parking lots full of debris aren’t good candidates for snow removal machines, which are essential to preventing water from seeping into your asphalt. Debris can also create damage to the asphalt when the snow removal machines get to work. Make sure to contact a professional cleaning service to ensure a smooth surface for these machines to work on. 

  • Clear Out Pooling Or Standing Water

Pools of water in driveways or parking lots are a big red flag and should be immediately addressed because they can turn into ice when winter arrives. This can create a safety hazard for people walking over these surfaces in commercial properties and areas with heavy traffic.   


Safety in the wintertime is all about preparation, and it’s best not to forget maintenance and repairs for paving asphalt. This ensures that your asphalt retains its structure, saving on potentially costly repairs after the winter months’ freeze and thaw cycle. More importantly, it ensures people’s safety as they make their way through parking lots and driveways in the cold winter snow!
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