Dan The Paver

How to Avoid Summer Heat Damage to Your Asphalt Driveway

Did you know that the summer heat can cause significant damage to your driveway pavement? If the sun can get your skin damaged from much exposure, it can do the same for your asphalt. Combine the heat of the sun with the long daylight hours and the UV radiation, and you would get a damaged road that would require high-cost maintenance. 
In this article, we will tell you how this situation happens and what you can do to prevent it from happening to your driveway paving. 

What Happens to the Asphalt Driveways During Summertime

Asphalt is a dark color material that is a natural heat absorbent. Because it is dark-colored, it does not reflect the light to the environment. Instead, it sucks up all the heat. Because it is also a dense material, the heat stays up longer here than in other materials. 
When the summer heat goes up and reaches a specific temperature, it can soften the asphalt. When this happens, it is more prone to scratches, sinking, getting punctures, and other damages. Conditions like parking on the same spot or using tools on a soft asphalt can immediately bring these little changes. 

How to Avoid Getting Your Pavement Damaged Over Summer

They say prevention is always better than cure, and it applies to your asphalt driveway too. Here are some steps you can do to avoid having costly driveway repair each time: 

Avoid parking in the same spot

When you know that it is the hot season already, little adjustments like changing your parking spot each time can help you create less damage for your driveway. The car’s weight and the repeated pressure can cause the softened asphalt to deform or sink. 

Veer away from using sharp objects

Even tools like jacks and screwdrivers can damage a soft and sensitive driveway. Be more careful when using it to avoid creating scratches or dents on your pavement.

Check the asphalt for any cracks and have it repaired immediately

If your pavement has cracks or little holes, water from the rain or from your simple road cleaning may seep inside them. This liquid can cause further internal damage to your pavement. Consider fixing these damages immediately to avoid more significant pavement destruction.  

Fill up potholes promptly

Potholes are the huge hollow that you see on the road surface caused by several factors, and besides the damage that it brings on your asphalt driveway, it can also cause accidents. Before the summer season breaks in, consider patching up these holes to avoid enlarging this already existing dent.

Protect your driveway from UV rays through driveway sealing

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can also weaken your asphalt flooring. Sealing your driveway can help prolong the life of your asphalt. Besides the additional layer of protection, it can also cover the small cracks and holes in your driveway. Moreover, it acts as a protective barrier from water damages whenever it rains. 


Repairing a destroyed asphalt can be costly, and leaving it damaged would also bring no good. Dealing with the damages as soon as possible can help you prevent more repair expenses in the future. As soon as you notice any of these small pavement problems happening in your driveway, address them immediately. Consider following our tips above to save yourself from further headaches.
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