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How Extreme Heat Affects an Asphalt Parking Lot

Most business owners are well aware of the importance of a well-maintained parking lot. If the parking lot outside of your commercial storefront is in a state of disarray, it can give potential customers the wrong idea about your business. As a business owner, you need to educate yourself about the potential hazards your parking lot is exposed to. 

The summer of 2022 is expected to be one of the hottest on record. Not only can a summer heat wave make working outside miserable, it can also cause problems for your asphalt parking lot. Read below to find out more about how extreme heat can affect your parking lot. 


Extreme Heat Can Weaken Asphalt Pavement


A parking lot full of cars can put a lot of weight on your asphalt. Making sure this paving material starts as strong and resilient and possible should be a top concern. The hotter the temperatures outside get, the higher the risk will become of your asphalt weakening. The weaker your asphalt is, the easier it will be for water to seep under the foundation of your parking lot. Allowing the foundation of your parking lot to get eroded can lead to parts of it collapsing. 

One of the best ways to protect your parking lot from this type of heat-induced weakening is by having it seal coated. With the application of quality sealcoating, you can provide your parking lot with the protection it needs. This type of maintenance is also a great way to extend the life of your parking lot, which makes it a very good investment. 


Asphalt Tracking Should Be Avoided


If your asphalt parking lot gets too hot, you might start to experience issues with tracking. Tracking is a term used to describe when small bits of asphalt attach to the tires or shoes that move across it. Asphalt tracking is generally caused by extreme heat. This issue can also occur when the asphalt curing process is delayed. 

Curing issues typically occur when business owners try to take on the asphalt parking lot installation and maintenance processes on their own. Rather than dealing with the long-term problems that DIY asphalt work can cause, you need to work with experienced professionals. At Dan The Paver Inc., you can get the help you need to keep your asphalt parking lot damage-free. 


Asphalt Fading Issues


Another problem that can occur during summer heat waves is fading to the stripes and lines on the parking lot. These lines and stripes are used to create parking spaces and emergency lanes. If the lines and stripes painted on your parking lot start to fade, customers will have a hard time using it properly. Having these stripes and lines touched up at the beginning of summer can help you reduce the amount of heat-induced fading that occurs. 

If you start to notice that your parking lot has damage, you need to take action quickly. With the help of Dan The Paver Inc., you can get asphalt problems fixed the right way.