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Dealing With Pavement Eyesores: A Quick Guide

For years, the pavement on your driveway and in front of your home has served your needs extremely well as a workhorse you can easily rely on day-in, day-out. While it may not necessarily be stuck with an assortment of responsibilities as the other parts of your home, it literally has the heaviest of tasks, as it withstands thousands of pounds daily, year after year! 
As you continue to spend more time at home and move yourself and your cars in and out of your garage, you’ll end up realizing just how vital the pavement is to your homeownership experience. Over the years, it will become increasingly clear that your pavement absolutely supports everything that you do—both literally and figuratively. Throughout the same timespan, you’ll also become even more aware of the fact that you should definitely put more effort into caring for it.
With your newfound awareness and sense of appreciation for the concrete that helps support your home, you’ll eventually feel the need to improve it and help nurse it back to perfect shape. Once you’ve looked at your pavement, however, you’ll eventually come to realize that you’ll need to handle one set of problems before all else: the eyesores that plague your home’s pavement. 

Dealing with Eyesores

While it is true that the pavement is the most durable and dependable part of any home, we shouldn’t let this keep us ignorant over the fact that they still need quite a bit of well-deserved TLC. If you’ve been thinking about restoring the concrete back to perfect shape, here’s a quick guide to two of the most common pavement eyesores you may be dealing with and their best remedies: 


When your once-black and shiny asphalt ends up going gray, it’s bound to make you feel worried because seeing this happen is like watching your own hair turn gray. Unfortunately, age also causes such an unsightly process to take place. In the case of pavements, however, this end result is an effect of what we call oxidization. 
How you can fix it: Considering that the process of oxidization happens because of the New Jersey weather and elements that affect your pavement (and the asphalt that it contains) daily, it’s best to assume that you’ll need an intensive solution. The best way to solve oxidization and help preserve the darkness of your pavement is to call an expert like Dan The Paver to help sealcoat it with a product that adds a fresh layer of tar, oils, and vital components! 

Oil Stains

If there’s anything that we’re all familiar with when it comes to unsightly pavement problems, it’s oil stains. 
Whether it was from your car or from that of a visitor’s, oil stains are an already ugly problem with deep consequences. If you let these problems build up for too long, you can end up with a foundational issue that will require you to replace either all or part of your pavement, depending on how much damage you’ve allowed to build up. 
How you can fix it: Typically, dealing with oil stains can pan out two different ways depending on the kind of damage you’re dealing with. 
In the case of less-than-severe stains that don’t have any sinking, the best solution is to apply a coat of biodegradable degreaser on top of the oil mark, let it sit, and wipe the stain away. If you’re dealing with a kind of oil stain that’s causing a bit of sinking and its bouncy to the touch or tender, then you’ll need a full-on replacement. 


After you learn about the kind of role that your pavement has in ensuring the overall comfort and safety of your home, you’ll eventually want to start protecting it in every which way you can. By starting off with your unsightly problems and dealing with them in the appropriate manner, it will be much easier to protect the aforementioned part of your property in the best way possible!

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