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5 Tips to Prepare Your Driveway for Seal Coating – Our Guide

Caring for your property is essential for many reasons. First, you would not want the place where you live to be all grimy and dirty. Second, you would want it to look at its best. Plus, when you care for your property, fewer problems will pop up, which translates to less money spent on repairs and replacements. 
If there is one aspect of your home that many people tend to forget when it comes to keeping well-maintained, that would be the driveway, more specifically seal coating it. While most assume that driveway paving can be done once and forgotten, seal coating is done every two years or so. 
Why is seal coating necessary? Well, it acts as a barrier between your pavement and its surrounding, enhancing its durability as well as extending its lifespan.
If your pavement needs seal coating, here is what you can do to prepare for it:

1. Clear the driveway

To make the job of the contractors easier, start by clearing the driveway. If there are any plant pots, vehicles, equipment, or any other things on the driveway, put them away and place them somewhere else.

2. Check the weather forecast

Always check the weather forecast even up to the date the seal coating is to be done. That way, you will know what to expect the day the contractors will drop by to carry out the job. 
If you find that it is about to rain or that snow is arriving, reschedule the work. Remember, seal coating should be done on a dry surface, so any raining or snowing means that the job cannot be done.

3. Clean the driveway

Clean the driveway to remove any dirt and grime. This step is especially vital so that you can apply the sealant much more effectively onto the fixture. You would want to clean your driveway thoroughly two to four days before the seal coating is carried out. That is because you need to give the surface enough time to dry.

4. Trim the grass

If you find any grass or any other plants growing near the driveway, trim them away. Otherwise, they will get in the way of the seal coating job.

5. Ensure no one uses the pavement 

Make sure that no one will use your driveway after it has been seal coated. For example, if the neighborhood kids love to drop by to play ball on your driveway, tell them that they must wait for around two days or so. Also, if you have any deliveries coming to your way, tell them that they will not be able to access the area either. You can put a sign or a barrier to prevent people from using your driveway.

6. Secure your pets

Do not let your pets run amok on the pavement. Their footprints will ruin the seal coating job and bring dirt and grime from all over the place onto the surface. 


When you plan to have seal coating done on your driveway, keep in mind the tips above. By doing your part in preparing your driveway, you will end up with the result that you can indeed be proud of. Finally, work with a reputable paving contractor near your place that can fulfill your requirements.
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