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5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Asphalt Paving Contractor

If you’re a property owner, then you may have been considering asphalt paving at some point. It’s durable, easy to assemble, and straightforward. It’s also considered to be the most appealing and affordable pavement choice, making it a popular choice for homeowners.
However, there are plenty of things to consider when starting an asphalt paving project. You’ll have to find the right asphalt paving contractor that will successfully complete the project, giving you the pavement you’ve always wanted. To make a well-informed decision on a contractor, here’s what you should keep in mind:

Scope of Work

Shopping around for an asphalt paving contractor will be much easier if you have a clear scope of work document from each of them. Each paper should be accurate and detailed, and the information will help you narrow down your choices. As the launching pad of your project, this is incredibly important as it will affect its outcome. 

Years of Experience

You’ll definitely want to prioritize years of experience when choosing a contractor, as expertise certainly counts for something in the construction industry! Aside from technical know-how, contractors that have built up a loyal client base over years of service are more likely to communicate with you easily, ensuring you stay updated throughout the entire process. When an experienced contractor can show you excellent examples of challenging projects they were able to complete, that’s another point in their favor.

Insurance Coverage

Low prices can be tempting, but it’s important to remember that what you get is often what you pay for. If a contractor offers you a low cost, it likely means that they do not have an insurance policy. If they get into an accident, your homeowner’s policy will be used instead, and this can incur expensive costs and result in a greater premium. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by asking the contractor upfront if they are insured.


The type of equipment used by paving contractors is integral to the completion of the project. If they use sturdy and state-of-the-art equipment, your project will likely be completed on time. However, if they use machines that frequently run into difficulties, then your project may experience multiple delays. Asphalt cools quickly, so if they wait too long for the machine to start back up before resuming the project, this will affect the pavement’s appearance.
You should also avoid contractors who prefer to pave by hand. Asphalt paving machines are expensive because of their incredible efficiency and ability to deliver high-quality results. You should definitely focus on hiring an asphalt paving contractor that prefers to use these machines to guarantee a durable, attractive-looking asphalt pavement.

Material Selection

Although asphalt may look the same to you, the truth is that it has different grades, which affects the quality of your pavement. Most asphalt is recycled numerous times, so the quality also depends on the recycled material it contains. Ensure that your contractor uses high-grade asphalt, which has less recycled materials. Your pavement will maintain that smooth, sleek appearance for a much longer time. 


Choosing a reliable contractor is essential to your project’s success. Finding a seasoned professional with several years of experience will help you create sturdy asphalt pavement, which will save you money in repair and maintenance in the long run. Now that you know these five things to consider when choosing the right asphalt paving contractor, you’ll find the perfect partner for your project in no time.
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