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5 Glaring Signs Your Asphalt Parking Needs Repair

In any business establishment, a parking lot is a major requirement. It allows your customers or clients to park their vehicles in the meantime while pursuing some business transactions. Your parking lot is supposed to be in top shape and working condition. However, it can be subject to wear and tear due to high traffic and daily uses. With a handful of parking issues, it can present your customers or clients with some hazard risks.
That said, here are five glaring signs your asphalt parking needs an immediate fix. Read below to see if you need to hire a paving contractor for your parking lot repair.

1. Cracks all over the place

There are various types of cracks you can find in your parking lot. These include traverse, alligator, block, rutting, and raveling cracks. Be wary of them in your parking as one crack can spread and multiply to numerous ones. For all you know, they can be all over the place, and they can create an uneven surface that can compromise the safety of driving on your parking area.

2. Warped or crumbled asphalt

The asphalt material installed on your parking lot can get damaged over time. It can expand and contract frequently. As a result, it becomes either warped or crumbled. With an aged parking lot, it can be quite tricky for the drivers to navigate around. That said, get your parking lot fixed as soon as possible before it can become a danger zone.

3. A lot of potholes

We know how the presence of potholes can be detrimental on the road—and even in parking. Potholes can make a person trip over, cause flat tires, and even lead to road accidents. They are also quite unsightly. Hence, fixing potholes should be a top priority as doing so will not only make your parking lot attractive but will also keep drivers safe.

4. Drainage issues

It’s inevitable for your parking lot to have drainage issues in the long run. They can all the more surface during heavy rainfall, where you’ll soon notice standing water in your lot. That can cause cracks, potholes, and other issues in your parking lot, so be sure to address any drainage issues on your parking to keep it in top shape and condition.

5. Fading surface and dull look

Initially, your parking lot installed with asphalt paving looks solid black. However, it can get exposed to the ultraviolet rays from the sun and harsh outdoor elements, such as rain and snow. Over time, the color diminishes, leaving a fading surface and dull look. When confronted with this problem, be sure to have an asphalt restoration to maintain your parking lot’s overall aesthetics.


It’s imperative to be proactive with your parking lot repairs. Be wary of signs outlined above—cracks, warped or crumbled asphalt, potholes, drainage issues, and fading surface. As soon as they present themselves, get your asphalt parking fixed right away. Doing so will ensure that your clients or customers are safe and happy as they move in and out of your property.
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