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4 Ways to Maintain Your Asphalt Driveway

With the responsibilities in life, whether that be performing at your job, taking care of the family, or enjoying your hobbies, ignoring the task of maintaining your driveway is inevitable. After all, it does not seem like it needs much attention, to begin with. While that is true to some extent, your driveway will still require some maintenance regularly. Plus, if you can discover and address any problems in its early stages, you will save not only your driveway but also your savings.
In this article, we will share with you four ways to keep your asphalt driveway well maintained:

  1. Protect the edges

Your driveway’s sides and edges are usually more prone to damage. This is because they are exposed to the elements, causing them to crack, damage, and even break off at times.
If you find that your driveway’s edges are exposed, have them appropriately covered. Some people will build up soil around the driveway, doubling as a spot to do a little gardening with flowers, while other people will look for materials to edge the driveway with. Whichever method you choose to go with, by protecting the edges of your driveway, not only do you keep it from breaking, but you also help make the entire fixture much more durable.

  1. Look for oil puddles

When you park your vehicle or drive it over the driveway, sometimes you will notice oil puddles caused by leaks from your car. Unfortunately, this leak can be more devastating than you might realize. Because your asphalt driveway is generally made from an oil-based substance, the oils from your car can dissolve the surface of the fixture.
If you notice any oil on the driveway, have it cleaned off immediately. Also, have your car maintained to ensure that no more oil leaks will ruin the driveway.

  1. Remember to examine the cracks

If you notice any cracks on your driveway, even if it is just a tiny crack, you should contact an asphalt driveway company to supply you with the right sealant to cover it up. Failure to do so will only allow the crack to get larger.
This is possible because of moisture. When water seeps into the cracks, it slowly damages the base of the driveway, which, in turn, hurts the surface. Also, if the temperature drops and the water inside the hole freezes, it is going to widen the crack even more severely.

  1. Perform seal coating

Perhaps the best way to keep your driveway safe from as much damage as possible is to seal coat the entire fixture. Doing so protects the driveway surface from oil spills, the sun, and water, among others. Because of this, if you have just installed your driveway, have it seal coated by professionals within six months max. Also, note that it will take about a hundred days for the coating to cure, so the earlier you get started with it, the better.
The job does not end there. Reapplying the seal coating is a must-do activity for anyone wanting to maintain their driveway properly. If you are one of them, you will carry this out at least once a year. While it might be pricey to do this, the cost is much lower than having to deal with any damage caused when you do not reapply the coating.
Your driveway is an expensive investment, and this is why you will want to ensure that it for as long as possible. So, carry out the tasks we have shared with you. That way, not only will you be able to enjoy an excellent curb appeal, but you also will not have to put into financial burden trying to have the fixture repaired because you did not maintain it properly.
If you need the help of an asphalt driveway company in New Jersey to pave and maintain your driveway, get in touch with us today to see how our professional asphalt pavers can help!