Dan The Paver

3 Benefits of Seal Coating Your Driveway This Summer

The time for fun times and tan lines is inching closer as summer approaches, but before you get your head lost in the clouds, it’s worth asking whether your asphalt driveway is ready to handle the heat. Driveways or parking lots are vulnerable to wear-and-tear as it is constantly exposed to heavy foot traffic, but it can be especially vulnerable when the full brunt of summer hits the ground. 
Even something as small as hairline cracks can lead to costlier repairs down the road, which is why you should consider seal coating maintenance before the season changes. With that in mind, the list below explores how seal coating can benefit your driveway in more ways than one: 

Benefit #1: Seal Coating Keeps Water From Seeping Through the Surface

Water is a constant trouble-maker that can damage asphalt driveways or parking lots in various ways even with proper drainage arrangements. Continuous foot traffic and incremental weather changes can wear down the surface, resulting in tiny blemishes that can quickly bring larger problems when left unchecked. 
In that regard, a seal coating can prevent water infiltration and prevent any further damages from compromising the cosmetic appeal and structural integrity of the driveway. Nipping the problem at its bud not only makes maintenance feel like a breeze, but it also saves you money from larger repairs. 

Benefit #2: Seal Coating Protects Against the Freeze-Thaw Cycle 

Leaving small cracks can invite water to seep through. While water infiltration is already damaging as it is, it can take a turn for the worse during winter as the water turns into ice. The process of the freeze-thaw cycle can be highly destructive as the water in between the cracks can expand and contract.
When left unattended, hairline cracks can gradually turn into potholes, making repairs a more time-consuming and costlier ordeal. With that in mind, seal coating during the summer makes for a wise preparation for the colder months. 

Benefit #3: Seal Coating Mitigates the Drying Effects of Intense Heat During Summer 

While people dream of lounging under the sun to get a summer glow, your driveway may not receive the same ‘tanning’ treatment. Sunlight can be harmful to your asphalt surfaces as it can dry out and soften the materials, making it vulnerable to shrinkage and other forms of wear-and-tear. 
In the same way, you need sunscreen to shield your skin from the intense heat, seal coating your driveway is a must if you want to protect the surface from cracking or fading due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

The Bottom Line: Extend Your Driveway’s Life Using Seal Coat 

Seal coating your driveway or a parking lot not only protects the material from potential damages, but it also restores it back to its original glory. A fresh coating can enhance the curb appeal of your home, business, and other property, making it an important part of your driveway maintenance for years to come. 
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