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3 Advantages of Replacing Your Driveway’s Asphalt

The quality of your driveway’s construction is very important. This is because the better the construction methods used, the fewer and farther in between the repairs will be. However, keep in mind that your driveway will develop cracks and potholes over time. When that happens, you should decide if it’s better to pave over the old asphalt, or remove the old structure and lay a new one. 
While asphalt driveway paving contractors may have different opinions, most experts agree that a good asphalt driveway should last for about 20 years. If your driveway is relatively new with only 25 to 30% asphalt pavement in need of repair, some contractors will recommend repaving your driveway. However, if your driveway has already sustained significant damage in less than 20 years, then it might not have been constructed correctly in the beginning. 
If you are thinking about completely redoing your driveway, here are three advantages of doing so: 

1. It increases your savings in the long run 

Most contractors will recommend paving over to help you save on cost. However, because the road structure already has cracks, it means that there is no strong foundation in which to pave new asphalt. Add that to the fact that asphalt is a very flexible material, meaning that if the concrete base under it sags, your new asphalt will quickly develop the same cracks and potholes that it used to cover. While it can be cheaper in the beginning, any possible savings you may have gathered are going to be used up almost immediately by repair costs. 

2. It makes for a stronger base

Removing the old asphalt and replacing the damaged concrete with a new base can be more expensive because you are in the process of creating a brand new driveway. However, this will ensure that your new asphalt has something solid to sit on, and will remain that way for years to come. Similar to the previous point, this will mean significant savings on repairs over the years, in most cases.

3. It allows you to correct previous design mistakes

Creating a new driveway also allows you to reassess your soil compaction. If your driveway developed “ruts” from the weight of cars driving on it every day, it is possible that you or your previous contractor may have made a few errors in the soil compaction process. 
If there’s any flexible soil underneath the driveway, it’s a good idea to remove them and replace them with sand. At the same time, you can also strengthen your concrete base with rebars, before adding the new layer of asphalt. Doing so will ensure that your driveway won’t sag under the weight of your cars just as it did the first time. 


While the expenses can indeed be a concern in the construction of an entirely new driveway, it’s important to remember that you want to do things right the first time. Having it done today and ensuring that your driveway won’t be in need of much maintenance for years to come allows you more savings in the long run and gives you peace of mind. 
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