Snow Removal & De-Icing

We only offer snow clearing services in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey.

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Snow removal services include driveway and parking lots, commercial service areas, public and private roadways. We will also do snow removal on walkway, steps  and decks, and occasionally roof clearing. Snow will be cleared using commercial plowing methods or blown to an area of the property by snow blowers.


Dan the Paver will remove existing snow or ice from a roadway or other surface. We offer mechanical plowing or scraping, and chemical application of salt or other ice melting chemicals.

Services include anti-icing treatment with ice melting chemicals before or during the beginning a storm, to prevent or delay the formation of ice, or the adhesion of ice and snow to the surface. Brine or wetted salt is usually applied shortly before a snowstorm arrives. Properly performed, anti-icing can significantly reduce the amount of salt required, and allows easier removal by snowplows.