What is pavement milling?

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We get asked this question a lot at Dan the Paver.  Pavement milling is removal of existing asphalt such as a parking lot, roadway or driveway.  Milling then “shaves” the asphalt so it is smooth.  This is an alternative way to simply repaving over the existing surface.  We highly recommend this service for Parking Lots and Roadways.

Why should I Mill my Parking Lot instead of Repaving?

Milling is a new way to recycle your pavement.  We take your old pavement, grind it up and use it as the aggregate in new pavement.  The machine then combines the old asphalt with an asphalt cement or a recycling agent.  Not only will this cut costs but is a great way to recycle and save our environment.

Milling can also remove issues and cracks on the surface of the asphalt.  This will deliver a smoother driving experience and gives the roadway a longer life.  The most common issues we see on roadways include:



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